Founder Edward Griffin shares the inspo behind his new skincare collection.

Many of us have heard the saying that “Black don’t crack,” but by now we have learned that this is a whole lie. It doesn’t have to be, however. We can maintain our youthful, melanated glow with a good regimen that includes proper hydration and ditching harsh toxins found in many products in the beauty aisle.

That is why Melanin60 Skincare is riding high on our radar. The hand-crafted skincare collection is designed specifically for melanated skin using plant-based and organic ingredients. And, its lineup sounds super yummy, with offerings such as an Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Honey Scrub, a Honey & Rose Face Wash, and a Cocoa Caramel Lip Balm.

We caught up with the brand’s mastermind Edward Griffin to find out the inspiration behind his collection, why plant-based products are important, and the one thing most of us are guilty of when it comes to skincare.

SADIAA: We’re talking plant-based skincare. What does that look like with your new brand?
EDWARD GRIFFIN: Our focus is to provide an alternative to the skincare products already on the market that may be filled with chemicals by providing clean, safe ingredients in our products for the entire family. Melanin60 Skincare has 10 products that take care of every skin need you can think of–from our Exfoliating Bar Soap and Soothing Deodorant to the Honey & Rose Face Wash and Wilda Vitamin C Serum. Some of our key ingredients are naturally sourced shea butter, cocoa butter, and Irish moss. Collectively, they work to protect the skin and keep it moisturized and hydrated.

SADIAA: Why focus on plant-based? Was it harder to formulate?
EDWARD: I maintain a plant-based diet, so for me, it’s about maintaining the same for my skin since approximately 60% of what you put on your skin goes into your body, hence our name Melanin60. Plant-based products aren’t necessarily harder to formulate. The hard part is ensuring we pair the right ingredients to achieve the results we’re looking for to enhance the beauty of melanin-rich skin.

SADIAA: We understand that you are a serial entrepreneur. How the heck did you get into becoming a skincare mixologist?
EDWARD: Honestly, I fell into the beauty industry because I started making my own products to use on my skin. After years of seeing positive results, and receiving compliments, I decided to get a certification in cosmetic formulation. I partnered with a cosmetic chemist and consulted with trusted estheticians and dermatologists to ensure that my formulas were safe for all skin types.

SADIAA: What’s your skin story? Did you have any issues? 
EDWARD: As someone with sensitive skin, I’ve always had to be mindful of what types of products I used. Once I became conscious of some of the ingredients that were in products on the market, I started making my own products so I could be aware of what was going onto my skin.

SADIAA: So you really use your products! What is your favorite out of the collection? 
EDWARD: I have a few go-to products. However, I honestly love how the entire lineup works together. For instance, I refer to our Wilda Vitamin C Serum as your skin’s “secret weapon” and the Exfoliating Bar Soap is a close second, because of how it leaves your skin feeling. We also have the Melanin60 Skincare BODY KIT and FACE KIT that are jam-packed with naturally-sourced ingredients that are great for anyone who wants a recommended regimen.

SADIAA: Do you have a top-seller?
EDWARD: Our Honey & Rose face wash is one of our customer favorites. It leaves your skin feeling smooth while locking in your skin’s natural moisture.

SADIAA: What is the biggest concern you hear from your customers when it comes to skincare?
EDWARD: People have become more mindful about what they’re putting on their skin and in their bodies. They want to know that skincare products are exactly what they say they are ingredient and results wise. They want quality products that get the job done and are safe to use. Melanin60 Skincare delivers on both. We make it a priority for our products to meet the needs of our consumers.

SADIAA: Coming back to your melanin focus, as well, why do you think it’s important for Black-owned brands to be more visible when it comes to addressing our skin and beauty needs?
EDWARD: Those of us with melanated skin must be more mindful about the products we use because a lot of the products on the market have harsh ingredients that do more harm than good for us in the long run. We need to have skincare options that are formulated especially for our skin types. Unfortunately, during these unprecedented times, people don’t have time to research ingredients and how some of those harsh ingredients may impact their skin and health. Because of that, we do the research and we only use clean ingredients in our products. When you get products from Melanin60 Skincare, you expect that they are handcrafted, cruelty-free, organic, and plant-based with all-natural ingredients. More importantly, they are safe to use for the whole family.

SADIAA: This has been great info! Before you go, what is the one thing most of us aren’t doing properly when it comes to skincare — and how do we fix it?
EDWARD: I’ve noticed that many people don’t give products enough time to work before switching to something different, and that’s counterproductive for achieving desired results. On average for most products, it may take 30-45 days to see results. Because our products are free of harsh chemicals, people tend to see results sooner, for some, immediately.

A healthy skincare regimen includes consistency in products and your routine. Skincare is no different than physical care, abs don’t come overnight, it’s a journey, and having great skin is a process.

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