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“Because of the weather change, it tends to dry out a bit quicker,” he informed HelloBeautiful melanated consumers.

What makes Edward Griffin a skincare expert? Only the fact that he’s the owner of Melanin60, a hand-crafted brand of plant-based, organic products, and knows all the tea when it comes to healthy, glowing skin.

“I’ll give you 3 of my most important tips as we roll into the cooler months,” says Griffin preparing to spill his secrets to glowing winter skin. “The air is much cooler, and our skin experiences a slight shock because of the weather change, it tends to dry out a bit quicker,”

While he has always had sensitive skin, he took his mindfulness into the products he used on his face and transformed it into all-natural, cruelty-free products made with all skin types in mind. “Once I became more conscious of the ingredients that go into many products on the market, I decided to start making my own products to ensure that I’m aware of what my skin is absorbing,” he shared about her journey to creating the rising Melanin60 Skincare empire.

HelloBeautiful caught up with the Atlanta-based serial entrepreneur about the inspiration behind Melanin60 Skincare, his personal relationship with his skin during quarantine, and the ultimate skincare tips he has for melanated consumers as the seasons shift. Check out his tips and tricks below!

Behind Melanin60 Skincare:

I made and used my own products for many years, and constantly receive compliments on my skin. I realized that I had something that could benefit others with melanin-rich skin, and that’s how Melanin60 Skincare was born. Additionally, as I became more aware of how our skin absorbs topical products, my focus became providing clean and healthy skincare products for the whole family.

The Importance of Plant-Based Ingredients:

I maintain a plant-based diet, so for me, it’s about maintaining the same for my skin since approximately 60% of what you put on your skin goes into your body, hence our name Melanin60. For melanated skin in general, we must be careful about what we use on our skin. Many products on the market have so many harmful ingredients, I wanted to ensure that all our products are formulated with clean ingredients and are cruelty-free. At Melanin60 Skincare, we only use all-natural and organic ingredients that are safe for all skin types. Some of our key ingredients include naturally sourced shea butter, cocoa butter, and Irish moss. These ingredients work together to protect the skin, keep it moisturized and hydrated.

Me, Myself and My Skin:

My health is extremely important for me, and that includes keeping my skin clear and healthy. We focus on so many different areas of our health like physical and mental, although those are extremely important, we live in our skin, and it’s meant to protect us so we have to do our part to protect it. Being an entrepreneur, appearance is also important. I connect with people regularly and am aware that your skin is one of the first things people notice, which is even more motivation to take care of it properly. I always receive compliments because of my skin, and now, I get to help others achieve healthy, glowing skin with Melanin60 Skincare.

Quarantine Blues:

Whew! Like everyone else’s I’m sure. [laughing] That’s the beauty of skincare. It’s up and down, it’s a journey, and mine isn’t perfect. We’re wearing masks a lot more, so I’ve been experiencing Maskne (mask acne) so I created some tips to help people like me who are experiencing these breakouts during the quarantine. My skin is no different, I get breakouts at the most inopportune times, but I stick to my skincare routine no matter what.

Skincare Secrets, Shh:

I refer to our Wilda Vitamin C Serum as your skin’s “secret weapon” and the Exfoliating Bar Soap is a close second, because of how it leaves your skin feeling. We launched Melanin60 Skincare with ten amazing products that work well together for all skin types and the entire family. We also have the Melanin60 Skin Care BODY KIT and FACE KIT that are jam-packed with naturally sourced ingredients that are great for anyone who wants a recommended regimen. Our Honey & Rose face wash is a customer favorite, it leaves your skin feeling smooth while locking in your skin’s natural moisture.

Ultimate Fall Skincare Tips For WOC:

Tip 1: For us, we have to use a much thicker moisturizer for our face especially, but for our entire bodies to ensure we lock in our natural skin’s moisture. This is not to be confused with using a lot of products, in which we shouldn’t. Tip one can be accomplished with our Soothing Face Cream and Rich Body Cream.

Tip 2: This is a two-parter, but one would be to add a Vitamin C Serum to your skincare routine if you haven’t. This will work double duty by reducing hyperpigmentation, fading dark spots over time, and protecting your skin from sun exposure and free radicals. Tip 2 can be accomplished with our Wilda Vitamin C Serum. The second would be to invest in a humidifier for the fall and winter months which will help boost hydration in your place and will help add moisture to your skin.

Tip 3: Layering your products properly, some people put on a bunch of products and they lose the impact if they aren’t used for what they’ve been formulated to do. I’ve partnered with estheticians and spoke with a dermatologist to ensure we have the proper process in which to layer our products. It’s important to note that all of our products are formulated to work together. Here is a Dermatologist/Esthetician proven order to layer your products for your face: Clean, Toner, Eye Cream, Serums, Moisturizer, Sunscreen (AM).

Mythbusting Fall Skincare:

I would say a big myth about fall skincare would be not exfoliating your face in the cooler months.  I agree that it shouldn’t be done as often as you may in the summer months, but exfoliating is definitely needed. We experience some breakouts in the fall/winter season because we stop exfoliating. Cooler air creates a buildup of dead skin cell layers that can trap bacteria and oil under the skin’s surface. As I said earlier, your skin needs more hydration and your pores should be open to allow for better absorption of your moisturizer.

Stay Home, Hydrate, Repeat:

A must-have for me is water, water should be a part of your skincare routine. Water purges your body and skin of toxins which will not only give you healthier skin but will increase blood flow for an even skin tone. Additionally, I’d say a humidifier, our Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Honey Scrub, Wilda Vitamin C Serum, Exfoliating Bar Soap, Soothing Face Cream, Rich Body Cream, Lemon & Aloe Mist and you’re good to go!